Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop

This workshop is intended to boost kids' mental competency in math so they can study well with exciting mathematics activities.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 4 6+ PKR 0
Duration : 0 Months 1 Days
Skill level: Beginner
Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop

Course Description

Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore

This Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore is designed to deliver knowledge to children through various and appealing activities in which they can study more and pay more attention to math than ever before. Our tutors are competent teachers of mathematics. They centralize their students to prepare them for their futures in mathematics.

Kids will study all accumulation, calculation, and multiplying methods. Mind math is the ability to solve problems without the use of a pencil and paper or a calculator. Students will have all the mathematical complications and formulations at their fingertips. This is a movement that improves your kid's mind and grows its durable foundation. This Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore will help the students advance their mental control skills with speed and correctness.

Purpose of This Mental Math Workshop:

This Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore is designed to reinforce your kid’s intelligence for a resilient base in mathematics.

What we do in this free workshop session

In this Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore, we convey to our learners an atmosphere of substantial knowledge and supportive class involvement.

It includes;

  • Introduction to Abacus
  • Finger Calculation Tricks
  • The formula for a Small Friend
  • Faster calculation and memory skills

This workshop prospectus covers all the things that are mandatory to size kids' mental math competencies and make them independent enough to solve difficulties very easily.

Importance of this Abacus Mental Math Free Class:

PNY Genius has presented this Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore to certify our children to think reasonably to find better answers to math difficulties. Through this workshop, we progress students' intelligence, which makes them more forward-thinking beginners of mathematics. Kids can do better when engaged with memorial tasks. So we improved a child's brain power by developing their brain skills. We always have progressive learning possibilities for our children so that they can progress with the scope. 

Benefits of Learning This Mental Math Free Workshop

Kids will be able to express mathematical theories and apply them to instructive learning during this Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore. It also boosts number logic in kids, which means students can do calculations in their minds effortlessly. The benefits of taking this free workshop are:

  • This workshop improves the brain skills of kids, and it will work rapidly and gradually to solve math complications.
  • The free workshop will make students mathematical professionals using just their fingers.
  • It will increase kids' concentration because when they get an accurate number, they can analyze the right answer.
  • To also increase the self-confidence of the students when they turn out to be masters in math this workshop has been organized.

This Abacus Mental Math free Worksh in Lahore will eventually give kids lots of profits that will assist them in their future education.

PNY Genius:

We introduce the Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore to enrich their learning with inventive and stimulating structures. This is the process of growing genius for the future. We deliberate that our kids and teenagers should be experts in mathematics at a young age to make them talented enough to complete numerous activities without hesitancy.

We deliver the best aptitudes to our kids because we want them to be prepared for the mathematical world.

With PNY Genius, the students will be motivated to renovate their skills and abilities which help them in their professional and educational learning life.

We provide;

  • A unique method of learning
  • Project Analysis        
  • Certifications as an Award



This Abacus Mental Math Free Workshop in Lahore is planned for kids and teens who wish to expand their mathematics abilities and obtain continuous knowledge.

  • This free workshop is intended for children aged 7 to 18 years.
  • Students can join us through online or physical workshops whether they are in Lahore or outside of Lahore.
  • Children who want to increase their work speed, creativity, and sharp minds, as well as develop other qualities can join us.

About The Author

Umar Huzair

Umar Huzair


Mr. Umar Huzair is a Math expert instructor and providing teaching in this field for many years. He is an expert in solving math problems and has also trained his students in such a way that they are also capable enough to solve math problems easily. His teaching methods are cutting-edge and high-profile, making students more proficient and professional.