Web Development Course

PNY Genius Website Development Course utilizes students’ basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstraps, and JavaScript to create advanced website skills.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
12-18 16 16+ PKR 10,000
Duration : 2 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Web Development Course for Kids in Lahore

This course is designed for those students who think like a programmer logically and mathematically. Students will get deep knowledge of website development by learning; how to create multilayered backend contexts for websites. Students build practice websites under the guidance of PNY Genius instructors to create a perfect website portfolio. This web design course for kids in Lahore will also help students build websites for small businesses and get an early entrepreneurial career.

The website development course includes different technologies such as (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstraps) that help students create websites that can be used by people worldwide. By learning about web development courses at an early age kids can create fun and helpful website for themselves.

The mission of the Website Development Course for Kids

‘’ Give wings to your child's dreams; the result will be a strong command on developing a website. Through this course, we want to help our kids to build strong grounds in Website development skills.’’

Benefits of Learning Web Development

Through this course, students will be able to learn programming in a better way and can simply implement it in developing websites. It also improves their tech skills regarding website development. The students who will get benefit from this web design course for a teenager in Lahore are as follows;

Boost Confidence

This course is a new language for kids at an early age. When they can make their website' it will bring confidence in them.

Learn Creativity

This course will help kids to let their thoughts run wild and come up with something innovative and exciting.

Problem Solving Mind

This course is project-based, and this method of learning; teaches children how they use theory to convert it into an actual website.

Communication Skills

Through this course, kids can learn the programming skill that teaches them to perform the required task which should be detailed and accurate.

Importance of Web Development Course

The PNY Genius's motive is to;

‘’ Make children more creative to present their thoughts through the internet.’’

This web development course for kids in Lahore will help the students to get high earnings possible, chances of growth, and flexibility to get them into the industry. By using HTML & CSS kids can create a simple and complex website interface, and if any changes need it will help them to understand how everything works. We improve their learning capability so their brain can perform well and become sharp and creative for everything to absorb.

The objective of this Course

This course is ideal to teach children the principle of website building and empower them to create stunning, interactive, and feature-rich websites. PNY Genius's objective to bring this app development course for kids in Lahore is to make them approachable with the technology and to teach them a positive way of using the internet so that they use their potential time in doing creativity. The learning objective of this course is;

  • Students will be able to think logically while making websites which also helps them to grow their interpersonal skills.
  • They learn to write, test, and fix website pages using HTML and JavaScript.

Ultimately this course is a road map for those kids who want to be a programmer in the future.

Why PNY Genius

We are qualifying young kids' minds with computer program design through our advanced curriculum, and up-to-date training. PNY Genius builds itself with this thinking that we will create a new world where every kid is a computational thinker and an innovator. As technology has become more accessible it’s been easier for kids to learn how to develop websites. This course learning methodology will make it more convenient for the students to get the right knowledge by doing this web development course for kids in Lahore.

With us, the children will be able to upgrade their abilities and capabilities.

We give;

  • The unique method of learning
  • Project Analysis
  • Certifications as an Award

For the Admission process follow up the below steps;

Start learning in 3 simple steps:

  • Browse our courses
  • Fill up admission foam and confirm your schedule for learning.
  • Start Learning with PNY Genius


This course is designed for kids who have a technical mind and want to earn programming languages at an early age to apply them in future career paths.

  • Students who have aged 12 to 18 years can join us.
  • Students who want to learn website-making techniques like HTM, CSS, JavaScript, etc. can join us
  • Students in Lahore and out of Lahore both; can join us through Physical and online classes.

About The Author

Qais Ali Abbas

Qais Ali Abbas


Qais Ali Abbas - Senior Software Engineer|Teaching Computer Science and programming languages since 2016. He did a Master's in Computer Science and he is a Full-Stack Developer. He has more than 05 years of extensive experience in various programming languages and technologies aspirants of Information Technology on, C++, C#, ASP.NET Core with MVC, SQL Server, MySQL, Data structure and Algorithm, DBMS, WordPress, Moodle, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery.