One Day Master Class on Self Defense

This self defense master class is designed for kids and teens to make them physically and mentally strong. This class will give you a basic knowledge of defending yourself.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 5 5+ PKR 999
Duration : 0 Months 1 Days
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

Self-Defense Master Class in Lahore

We have designed this self-defense master class in Lahore to be very exciting for the kids. We want to deliver learning to our kids through different activities through which they can learn more about how to defend themselves in any situation. Our teachers are qualified instructors of self-defense classes. They lead their students to prepare for their future through strong self-development.

This self-defense master class in Lahore will help the students improve their mental capability skills by observing things around them. Kids will study all methods of protecting themselves and others. This is a skill for problems a child faces during their lifetime. They can protect themselves. It will help kids to learn physical and mental skills. This is an activity that sharpens your kid's mind and develops its strong foundation.

Purpose of Self Defence Class:

"Strengthen your kids' and teens' brains for a stronger base in defending themselves from any critical situation. We want to encourage our students to develop a good basis in thinking, personality, and a desire to learn techniques through this class.

What we do in this class:

Through our self-defense master class in Lahore, we provide our students with an environment where they experience different situations and fight back according to the teaching.

It includes;

• Introduction to Taekwondo

• Self-Defense Techniques & Demonstration

• Warm-up Exercises

• Basic Attacks and Defense Strategies

• method of cooling down

This class covers all the techniques which are necessary to build kids' mental and physical capabilities and make them confident enough to solve problems very easily.

Importance of this self-defense class:

The PNY Genius has introduced this self-defense master class in Lahore to teach our children to behave more practically to find better solutions to problems. Through this class, we develop students' IQ, which makes them more advanced in self-protection and self-defense. Children can do better when they learn these skills because at an early age they are more ambitious and passionate. We always provide advanced learning opportunities for our kids so they can grow with the world.

Benefits of learning this class:

Through this self-defense master class in Lahore, students will be capable of knowing the defending concepts and implementing them in training sessions with their instructors. It also increases the number of senses in kids, which means students can avoid situations quickly and safely. The benefits of taking this class are:

• This class helps children develop their brains and bodies, and they will work quickly and unexpectedly to solve problems.

• This class will boost students' confidence.

• This class will increase kids' listening, looking, and acting power according to the situation.

• This class teaches students how to protect themselves and others.

• This class will ultimately give kids lots of benefits that will help them in their future lives

Why PNY Genius:

We are the first to introduce this self-defense master class in Lahore to make kids stronger and physically or mentally healthy. PNY Genius is in the process of rising genius for the future. We believe that our children and teenagers should be skilled in self-defense at a young age to make them able to come out on their own from any reluctance situation.

We impart the best skills to our children because we want them to be equipped for the advanced world.

With PNY Genius, the students will be able to evaluate their skills and abilities.

We provide;

• A unique method of learning

• Project Analysis

• Certifications as an Award

This self-defense master class in Lahore is intended for children and teenagers who desire to enhance their mental and physical skills and acquire techniques that help them defend themselves from others.

  • This class is for children aged 7 to 18 years.
  • Whether they live in Lahore or elsewhere, students can join us for online or in-person classes.
  • Children who want to increase their courage, resourcefulness, minds, as well as other qualities can join this class.

About The Author

Yumna & Zahra

Yumna & Zahra


Ms. Zahra and Ms. Yumna has experience as Self-Defense instructor and providing training for many years to the kids. They both are highly professional and show up the kids the techniques that how they can protect themselves and also build confidence in themselves. They can train their students in a very suitable manner, which builds up their strong mental and physical capabilities.

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