Freelancing course for kids

In this Freelancing course kids will learn about the basic tool of how to start freelancing, client management, find skills and freelancing as a business, best freelancing platforms, etc

Grade Modules Activities Fee
12-18 16 20+ PKR 7,500
Duration : 2 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Freelancing Course for Kids in Lahore

PNY Genius is designing this online freelancing course for kids, through this they will be able to upgrade their skills and abilities. This is an opportunity to make your kids independent and more skillful so that they will be more thankful to you in the future.

As this course titled ‘freelancing shows two perspectives; firstly it gives you the opportunity to work in your free time means you solely decide about your work decorum so kids' school studies will not disturb and secondly, it gives you the opportunity to make your kids professional at the early age.

This course will let your kids learn new things every day so they can accomplish them in their daily tasks.

In this freelancing course for kids in Lahore, we are covering 16 modules and in each lecture, we cover new techniques to know more in-depth about freelancing. We will strengthen your basics regarding this course which will help you to grow higher.

Importance of freelancing course for kids

This freelancing training course for kids in Lahore will help you in setting up your goals for online and offline jobs, polish your skills, boost your creativity, tell you the ways of earningand through all these, you gain a lot of knowledge.

The PNY Genius gives you an opportunity to explore more skills through their freelancing training course in Pakistan so that they can familiarize themselves with every suitable niche through which they can target their client.

This generation will have to work remotely so why not take the initiative and prepare our kids for that so they can easily upgrade themselves with the ongoing methodologies?

How to find skills in this freelancing course for kids in Lahore

Our PNY Genius's main motive is to find a suitable skill for your kids so that they would excel their self on that particular field. Freelancing training course for kids in Pakistan will design in a way in which we teach about the right method of choosing the best skill like, if a kid is interested in writing or Graphic designing, illustration work, have a good command of making animated videos, robotics, English communication skill, website development skill, etc. and have command on it we motivate him/her to go for that and we also help them that how to communicate with the particular field of the client. We tell about that;

What will be the client’s requirement?

• The methodologies of writing!

• If he asks you something how to respond without hesitation?

• What if the client cancels the order?

• How to convince him of long-term projects!

• How not to become over-efficient in front of him.

• How to send buyer requests to get orders.

• How to make effective gigs.

• And much more

This course is meant to teach you Freelancing Techniques in the simplest way. The trainer of this course is highly qualified and has a grip on each tool that the kids will learn in the classroom. We do not compromise on our quality. Every tip and trick will discuss in an effective way so our kids will learn how to make money by using these platforms of Freelancing.

So PNY Genius is making your kid super Genius by providing a strong grip on his career path through this freelancing course for kids in Lahore. We deeply discuss with you the curriculum and how we take your child throughout the course so there would be no glitches remaining. So be a part of us and make your kid a genius for the upcoming generation.

For the admission process follow up on the below details;

Enrolment process:

• For this process, you have to visit our PNY Genius

• For the latest updates and quires join us on Facebook

This freelancing course for kids is mainly designed according to the children's intellectual capabilities, so they can learn better;

• Kids who are under 12 to 18 years can join us for this course.

• Kids who have a set of skills and they do not know where to utilize those skills can be a part of our freelancing course.

• Students from all over Pakistan, like Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, or from other cities can join us through physical and online classes.

About The Author

Usama Abid

Usama Abid


Usama Bin Abid A professional game developer having more than 2 years of experience in unity game development. He did a bachelor's in software engineering from COMSATS University Lahore Campus. He did a job at galassia studios for 1 and a half years as a game developer and also worked with two Turkish companies Fubu games and voyant smart games. He has more than 1 year of experience in freelancing and worked on many projects as a freelancer. He worked on the following platforms i.e. Fivver, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour.