Be a Master in MS Office 2.0

This MS Office course is going to be a basic trip through Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel where beginners would have the opportunity to explore some great shortcuts in order to run those databases more efficiently. 

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 16 20+ PKR 7,500
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

MS Office Course for Kids in Lahore

MS Office Course for kids in Lahore is basically designed in a way so that children can learn the beginner skills regarding this software. By giving them the basic knowledge about this software we are making their steps strong towards their successful future.

Being an independent child he will learn some ethics regarding professional and personal terms because this office management course for kids in Lahore will be easy for him/her to learn and to enter as a polished champ in the field of technology.

PNY Genius is the main hub for providing course related to the IT field because of the advancement in technology we have to grow our children according to the market trends and need. By keeping this view in mind to increase the intellectual capabilities and develop a strong personality in a child we design a creative learning environment through this course so there will be no hustle for any kind of kids and they can easily share their thoughts and ideas about different things and we will work according to that.

Importance of Office Management course for kids

In the Office management course for kids in Lahore, we are covering 16 modules that are the bridge of the MS Office course. So we discuss the basic things which we will learn in this course because if your basics are strong you can easily grow higher.

The content of the MS Office course is very important to learn at an early age because these are tools that children have to use in their school, college and university, and even professional levels. Because the purpose of this software is to provide ease in work and to keep data accordingly.

If you motivate your children to learn these skills through this course PNY Genius is the best institute for kids in Lahore that promise you that we will make your kids' minds very professional and ethically strong so they cannot hesitate in any area of learning.

Purpose of MS Office Course for kids

The main purpose is to design this course for the kids especially because we want to digitalize our Pakistan with the motive to strengthen its young generation by making them accomplish the successful learning of these skills.

Being a parent if you want to see your child at a higher level of successful career you have to start now and focus on the things which are necessary to help your child to grow.

PNY Genius comes with this initiative to provide maximum earning tools and environment to your kids so that they can enhance their mental growth and also be a leader for themselves.

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This MS Office course for kids in Lahore, Pakistan is basically designed for every kid but this is not imposed on everyone because by force nobody can learn things;

  • So those kids who have an interest in learning new technical skills and are willing to join for their better learning and future are more than welcome.
  • The age group defined for this course is 12 to 18 years of kids.
  • It is convenient for everyone whose are in Lahore and out of Lahore everyone can be a part of us through physical and online classes.

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