MS Office Master Class

This MS Office Masterclass is designed to teach the students about the basic skills of MS Office from a beginner level so that they can utilize these skills in the future as a professional.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 4 4+ PKR 999
Duration : 0 Months 1 Days
Skill level: Beginner
MS Office Master Class

Course Description

MS Office Master Class in Lahore

This MS Office master class in Lahore for kids and teens is designed in a way that children master the basics of this software. We are encouraging their hard work toward a successful future by giving them a basic knowledge of this software.

As an independent child, he will learn some professional and personal values because this office management class for kids will be beneficial for the students. PNY Genius is the key center for giving classes in the IT area because, as technology grows, we must raise our kids in line with market tendencies and expectations.

Purpose of this MasterClass:

“Our MS Office master class in Lahore is designed with the purpose to allow our children to define themselves creatively and confidently in technical fields."

What we do in this class:

Through our MS Office master class in Lahore, we provide our kids with an environment where they can easily develop these software skills, which will help them grow in the future. 

It includes;

• MS Word

• MS PowerPoint

• MS Excel

• MS Paint

PNY Genius has launched this class to equip your children with the best-earning tools and surroundings possible, so they can become leaders in their own lives.

Importance of this Master Class:

In this class, we are covering four topics, which are the bridge of MS Office. So the elements we will study in this MS Office master class in Lahore are necessary to acquire at a young age because these are tools that help students in their future learning as well as at the professional level. The objective of this software is to make work easier and to uphold data properly.

PNY Genius drives your children to master these skills through this class. We will make their minds highly expert and morally solid, so they will not hesitate in any area of learning.

Benefits of MS Office Master Class:

In today's modern learning environment, every child must have the confidence to work on these programs that help them to manage their schoolwork and make notes and assignments easily. Our MS Office master class in Lahore assists your children to become experts in learning these skills successfully and with concentration, which helps them further.
PNY Genius has given you permission to attend our master class in Lahore. Our training center will provide your child with a means of learning digital skills that will lead to a successful professional career at a young age.

PNY Genius:

PNY Genius is one of the foremost training institutes that provides IT-related classes for kids and teens to learn better and get positive results at an early age. We have introduced this MS Office master class in Lahore to inspire them with good learning practices and develop their interest in these technical skills.

Our purpose is to bring advancement in kids' learning because this software is essential to learn and implement in a professional field. We want kids to be attentive, imaginative, and confident in front of anyone because they are the future of this society. So join PNY Genius today and enroll yourself in this master class, and step into the world of creativity.

This MS Office master class in Lahore is designed for kids and teens to upgrade their knowledge of Microsoft Office:

  • Kids who have an interest in learning new technical skills and are eager to join are more than welcome.
  • Students who are aged 7 to 18 years can join this class.
  • Students who are in Lahore and outside of Lahore can join us through physical and online classes.

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