Video Animation Master Class

This class is designed to instill confidence in the kids about achieving what they imagine. This class is required to get the idea of the kids off the ground and to become digital artists.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 1 6+ PKR 999
Duration : 0 Months 1 Days
Skill level: Beginner
Video Animation Master Class

Course Description

Video Animation Master Class in Lahore

This video animation master class in Lahore is designed for kids and teens so they can explore the popular world of animation. This animation class is very beneficial for students who love to create animation through digital characters and develop a new story through video.

The need for launching a class is to make kids and teens more proficient and prominent at an early stage of their age. The kids will be familiar with how the animated cartoon is made. PNY Genius has taken this initiative and brought this master class so students can get to know about it, which will help them in future learning.

Purpose of Video Animation Masterclass:

The purpose of designing this course is to make kids and teens feel confident so that they can express themselves and share their ideas or efforts.

What we do in this animation class

In our video animation master class in Lahore, we deliver a lively learning environment and supportive class practice to kids.

It includes;

• What is animation?

• How much can we earn from animation?

• How to create a moving card animation?

• How to Create a Pakistani Flag

• Waving Animation?

• How to create rain?

This class curriculum includes all the things which are necessary to build kids' animation skills and make them confident enough to present themselves to present their work on social sites or for work purposes.

Importance of Video Animation

This video animation master class in Lahore for kids will help them define goals for both online and offline work, polish their skills, explain how to make money and give them broad knowledge. To become well-versed in every relevant niche into which they may direct their clients. PNY Genius offers the opportunity to study more skills through their master's class in Lahore.

You get paid to provide your video animation services through a free online service. Because working remotely is the way of the future for this generation.

Benefits of this video animation class:

The purpose of this video animation master class in Lahore is to teach you how to use tools that help kids make attractive animated videos. Our training center will offer a way for your child to effectively earn money using the skills they already possess, launching their professional careers at a young age.

Video animation skills are an advanced term for kids because they are new to it. If they perform well and have an interest in pursuing this field as a career in the future, it will help them a lot.

PNY Genius:

PNY Genius is a well-known training facility that offers IT-related courses for young people to help them learn skills more effectively and achieve success early. The goal of this video animation master class in Lahore is to motivate students to study and benefit from their unique set of skills.

Because animation is another step in expressing your thoughts in front of others, our goal is to assist children and teenagers in learning freelancing skills more efficiently. This should help them gain clients in the future.

This video animation master class in Lahore for kids is designed according to the children's understanding abilities, so they can learn better;

  • Kids who are under 7 to 18 years old can join this class.
  • Kids who want to start this field at an early age so they can become masters in the future can join us through this class.
  • Students who are in Lahore and outside of Lahore can join this class through online and physical classes.

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