Self Defence & Taekwondo Camp

This camp is designed to teach the methods of self-safety and make the students more confident and powerful, both physically and mentally.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
5-18 8 8+ PKR 7,500
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Self-Defense & Taekwondo Camp For Kids in Lahore

This self-defense and taekwondo camp in Lahore is designed to polish up the kids so they can know how to use headlocks to come out of any dangerous situation. These tricks and practices will make them physically stronger and mentally aware of the environment. Their senses will become stronger, allowing them to see the things around them and act accordingly.

This self-defense and taekwondo camp will prepare them for life-changing situations. They will learn how to defend themselves in violent situations. This camp will develop physical fitness, positive character, and life-improvement skills.

Your Child Will Love Their Summer

Our Self-Defense and Taekwondo Camp will provide the solutions to keep the kids active and give them plenty of activities that help them learn to respect discipline and self-control. Summer camp is the best time for kids to prepare for the coming school year, and thus we teach them the core values that they need to succeed in the classroom. They learn to respect others and to acquire self-discipline to achieve their goals. So join this summer camp and advance your kids learning.

Taekwondo Summer Camp

If this self-defense and taekwondo camp will keep your child dynamic while making friends, having fun, and developing self-assurance, then this camp is right for you. It proposes the right mix of knowledge, exercise, and fun. We have plenty of games, struggles, and field journeys planned along with our stimulating training sessions.

Summer camp is a great way to introduce your children to martial arts. Our highly knowledgeable coaches teach respect, discipline, self-defense, self-confidence, focus, management, and much more.

Why go to a self-defense camp?

This self-defense and taekwondo camp makes the kids more realistic about the situation by defending themselves from any kind of threat or attacker. This true self-defense training is completely different from any other type of training. No matter how hard the training is, it will work for your kid’s lifetime.

We need to learn to run before we walk, so we have to prepare the kids today for the future by giving them strong physical structures so they can defend themselves on any kind of ground. So join this self-defense and taekwondo camp and make your kids capable enough to tackle any kind of situation.

PNY Genius:

PNY Genius is one of the leading training institutes that provides IT-related courses for kids to study better and get positive possessions at an early age. We have made this self-defense and taekwondo camp to stimulate them with good understanding and cultivate their interest in learning.

Our determination is to allocate growth in kids' learning because summer camp is the early stage of summarizing things to give them learning that should be outstanding. We want kids to be focused, original, and protected in front of anyone because they are the future of this society. So join PNY Genius today, enroll yourself in this self-defense and taekwondo camp, and step into the world of calculations.

We provide;           

• A unique method of learning 

• Project analysis 

• Certification as an Award                                                                                                         

This self-defense and taekwondo camp is planned for kids and teens who desire to raise their personal and professional abilities and gain continuous knowledge.

• This camp is planned for children aged 5 to 18 years.

• Students can join us through an online or physical workshop, whether they are in Lahore or outside of Lahore.

• Children who want to increase their self-confidence should be physically and mentally active or have strong, sharp minds.

About The Author

Yumna & Zahra

Yumna & Zahra


Ms. Zahra and Ms. Yumna has experience as Self-Defense instructor and providing training for many years to the kids. They both are highly professional and show up the kids the techniques that how they can protect themselves and also build confidence in themselves. They can train their students in a very suitable manner, which builds up their strong mental and physical capabilities.