Applied Robotics Advance Course

This course of Applied Robotics is an initiative to teach programming, coding, and Arduino through which our students would get the opportunity to explore short techniques to work on Robotics

Grade Modules Activities Fee
12-18 16 16+ PKR 12,500
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Details of Applied Robotics Course for Kids in Lahore

 PNY Genius understands this need and makes it easy for you by providing this training in your home comfort. Applied Robotics course for kids allows you to make kids more advanced and capable with the technology, so they know the best way to use such things.

We are always here to bring new things and make it easy for the children to learn. Because we believe that kids are the future master, we have to stand them out from the crowd at an early age.

The vision of the Applied Robotics Course For Kids

‘’Our Applied Robotics course is designed with this mindset to make our kids highly capable with the new technical teaching terminologies. We want to make them successful not for today but also in their future career.’’

Robotics with STEM in this Course

Children are visible to technology from an early age, permitting them to operate computers and other IT devices without difficulty as they mature. 

Students familiarize themselves with new technical discoveries by utilizing their skills and know-how to tackle attractive tasks.

STEM is the advanced term for teaching robotics STEM stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) when you design a Robot you have to keep these four elements into consideration.

In this Robotics training for kids in Lahore, we teach robotics with STEM because it is in the school Curriculum so kids will understand this course objective.

Benefits of Learning Applied Robotics For Kids 

The tendency of robotics in education is attaining grip across the world. We give advantages in our online robotics classes for kids in Lahore, Pakistan; making them more observant, involved, and present. It includes;

• Creative thinking: Robotics is the only field that brings creative and cognitive skills to kids. It thrust them to solve problems by thinking outside the box.

• Improves Engagement: Robots promote hands-on learning to the students for better engagement.

• Make them Equipped: We are teaching relevant skills to our youngsters so they can prepare their self for the future. 

• Improves programming skills: Robotics is a vast technical term in which coding and programming are taught at a higher level to make their functions perform.

• Develop the skills of tomorrow: It allows kids to work not only on their life skills but also on their social skills. So they can develop their future in a better way of learning.

Why Robotics course for kids:

In this course, we are covering 16 modules that are related to Applied Robotics. From basic to advance we will conclude all information in this curriculum so that the kids' intellectual become strong regarding Robotics.

• Arduino: This is an open-cause electronics platform built on easy-to-use hardware and software. They can read out inputs like sensors, buttons, and messages, and give back to the output.

• Ultrasonic Sounds: This device measures the distance of a target object by release in Ultrasonic waves. These waves run faster than audible sounds.

• PIR MOTION SENSOR: These sensors detect the heat from the surrounding environment.

• Dancing Robots: These robots are designed in a way so that kids can improve their mathematical understanding regarding ratios, proportions, and friction.

This robotics course for kids in Lahore, Pakistan offers opportunities to introduce children to complex programming in a fun and attractive way, so they would be able to solve different problems, develop creativity and curiosity, and prepare themself for the technological future.

Further details we will discuss in the course intensely!

About PNY Genius:

Our learning environment allows you to make your kids more advance and capable with the technology, so they can know the best way to use such things.

We are always here to bring new things and make them easy for them to learn. Because we believe that kids are the future master, we have to stand them out from the crowd at an early age. So we introduced these online robots classes for kids in Lahore, Pakistan to provide the best learning outcome. 

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This Applied robotics Course for kids is designed for every kid to make them master Robotics Technology, but we have some limitations like:

  • 7 to 18 years age kids can join this course because they can easily understand different concept of Robots.
  • Kids who have creative and technical minds and they think that they can excel in this field, join us.
  • Our PNY Genius is open for online and physical classes both services are available.

About The Author

Ahmed Bilal

Ahmed Bilal


Mr. Ahmad Bilal completed his BCS or BS in Electrical Engineering and Robotics Automation Product Design in 2019. He is currently working as a team leader at Big Byte Lahore. He provides training in Scratch programming, and he has many years of teaching experience in this field. He is making a concerted effort to support students with no prior exposure to computers or programming skills and take them to the next level.