Game Development Advance Course

The Game Development course is a gentle and fun introduction to making a video game, teaching coding, and game design concepts

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 16 16+ PKR 10,000
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Overview of Game Development Course for Kids in Lahore

That is the most demanding technological skill we thought that is why we keep back from this. The basic purpose of this Game Development course for kids in Lahore, Pakistan, is because kids have sharper minds they pick things quickly. We train them in these technological skills that will create a boom in the game development industry.

We understand the need for this course, so we want to create more ambitious minds so that we can grow together worldwide.

The Vision of the Game Development Course:

Our motive to bring this course for young kids is to make them coherent from other students and bring confidence in them so they can boost their skills at an early age.

Is a Game Development course good for kids?

Playing video games seemed to be a time waste. But today games are changing as an educational and social tool that helps kids cultivate their creativity, problem-solving, and social skills.

Gaming has now become an authentic career that brings artists' stores to life. It includes various disciplines, not just technology. So we feel this gap and want to overcome this through our  Game Development Course for kids in Lahore Pakistan, where you can learn the advanced techniques of making video games because there is a need in the market for this field.

Reasons of join the Game development course

There is a lot of reason to learn this Game development kid’s course, but we specify the main reasons why it’s become the most popular field for kids. For example;

• Develop problem-solving skills: When you start making games, there are many problems occur, so you have to work patiently and set your mind accordingly.

• Enhance your designing skills: Kids have creative minds, they can make effective designs that would not only enhance their skills but also be good for their careers.

• Earn from it:  Today’s technology gives more confidence because it gives a path to learn and earn. That is beneficial for kids to start earning and make themselves self-independent.

• Generate teamwork skills: When kids learn to work in a team and prioritize other presence that is more rewarding for them in future professional life.

• Self-learning That is the most powerful reason for this course because when you are not focusing on bookish knowledge but start to increase your learning, you are ready yourself for the advancement in your career.

What we do in the Game Development Course:

In this course, we are covering 16 modules, which are the bridge of the Game Development Course; by defining the different concepts that are basic to advance level and give clear concepts in gaming development. It includes:

• Unity is about composing a game object with various components to get the exact behavior you want.

• UI In which we know how the human mind will interact and communicate with the device.

• Android for gaming the techniques that make a game for the Android user so that they will get no hustle while playing games.

• Animation It makes the videos more attractive and colorful, and they can be more entertaining.

• Scripting & Coding are necessary to define the path of each object

About PNY Genius:

The PNY Genius is one of Pakistan's best Training institutes that offer this Game Development course for kids in Lahore, Pakistan. That is the most demanding technological skill today. So we understand the need for this course and want to create more ambitious minds who can grow together worldwide.

We are working on this course through our qualified instructors who give them the knowledge that will be beneficial for them in their future, and it also brings advancement in the Gaming Industry when we prepare kids for that. What if the kids focus on making videos instead of watching them?

So without wasting more time, join us and be a part of PNY Genius:

Start learning in 3 steps:

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• Fill up the admission form and confirm your schedule for learning

• Start Learning with PNY Genius

This Game Development course is open for every kid & teen to upgrade their knowledge in this field.

  • Age should be between 7 to 18 years because at this age kids have a sharp mind and they pick things very quickly.
  • Must have interest in learning gaming and coding, because without interest it’s just a waste of time.
  • This platform is open to everyone whether they are in Lahore or out of Lahore both can attend this course through online and physical classes.

About The Author

Usama Azmat

Usama Azmat


Mr. Usama Azmat has many years of experience in the field of game development. He develops the same passion among kids through his teaching style. He is very collaborative and hardworking and makes his students capable so that they can lead in their career fields.