Our Institute

PNY Genius is an initiative by the best IT institutions “PNYTrainings”. After reaching success in letting youngsters and professionals learn the best skills in the IT and digital world, we are bringing the same to kids. Being an institution, we believe that kids are the future master. Making them learn new things from an early age lets them stand out from the crowd.

Focusing on the advanced needs of education and exposure for kids, PNY Genius is a proud IT institute for kids. An institute that is offering high-end courses for individuals with their dream careers and passion to follow. The courses are offering is not just a kick-start but also ultimate IT training for kids. Conventional knowledge and education are not enough for our future software engineers, coders, and digital designers. They require something better and more hands-on.

The Best IT institute for kids in Lahore, PNY Genius is all motivated to build a future for the nation that we need. Evaluating the potential of digitalization and technology, we are welcoming kids into the house to prepare themselves for the future. There is no doubt, in the world of tomorrow; kids are going to have extreme competition. The thing will get harder and we need to provide our kids requires resources that can make a difference.

PNY Genius is offering specialized courses for kids aged between 7 years to 18 years. We are starting from the basic computer short courses for kids in Lahore Pakistan to the advance its trainings. There are numerous plans we are offering to students and they can opt from them based on their preferences.

IT training for kids in Lahore Pakistan that we are offering is specially designed for kids. We understand the level of understanding differs in all age groups so we make sure to come up with the right kind of course plan. For each age group, we have a specialized source design that helps them to develop an understanding of the course and proceed with it. Kids can enroll in courses always according to their age group. We believe in specialized learning. For the sharp and brilliant kids, we do offer them to pick up advanced courses and flourish their skills to a new level.

The trainers at PNY Genius are qualified to teach kids of age between 3 years to 11 years. They have complete course details and a format to follow. Along with the easy description of courses, relevant material, and practical training, kids will have a special session with their trainers. PNY Genius is The Best IT institution in Lahore Pakistan believes in interactive learning for kids. We make sure to let them involve in the session with trainers.

At PNY Genius, you can explore the best computer courses and online training for kids easily. We are one of the best online training institutes for kids covering all essential courses, skills, and much more. Subscribe for a course today! 

CEO Message

Diversity and inclusion of thought, skill, knowledge, and culture make PNY Genius more competitive, more resilient, and better. Diversity strengthens us by promoting unique viewpoints and challenging each of us, every day, to think beyond our traditional frames of reference. We are committed to building a talented and diverse workforce, and to creating an environment in which every STUDENT has the opportunity to excel based on his or her performance. We believe the best way to learn is by putting your skills to use. I warmly welcome you to visit by contacting us, and discover firsthand what makes PNY Genius special.

-Wahab Yunus (CEO PNY Genius)

Our Mission

To design and maintain the quality of Knowledge-based capacity-building programs to empower new start-ups and organizations and bring a positive transformation in their businesses and employees.

Our Vision

Nation-leading professional service provider by exploring and utilizing the unique ideas in the world of digital technologies.