Web & Graphic for Champs

Web & graphics for champs is mainly designed for the kids so they will know how to make graphics, vectors, illustrations, websites, and many more.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-14 16 16+ PKR 10,000
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Graphic Designing Course for Kids in Lahore

Our kids are good assets for our nation so we won’t want to keep them away from these technical skills. Our graphic designing course for kids in Lahore, Pakistan is planned according to the prospective to come out our kids from the animated cartoon world and make them capable so that they can actually make their own graphics.

The ultimate goal of providing this course is to equip learners with unique skills that will help them in making unique visual vectors and website templates etc.

In this Graphic Designing training for kids in Lahore, we are going to deeply discuss 3 major web and graphic designing tools that will help you to create designs of any kind. It includes;

PS: This is also called Photoshop, in which we edit, create, and design, images for websites and other social platforms.

AI: This stands for Adobe Illustrator and we create mostly illusion work like vector making, logos, brochures, pixel graphics, and many more.

XD: The advanced term of Experience designs which means this tool work for the User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to design a website and application template.

Why Web Designing course in Lahore is so important for Kids?

The most important thing to join this course is that it will make your kids well-known technologists, software experts, digital marketers, etc. Essentially web and graphic is just photographic message but now it becomes a skill that is in demand now.

PNY Genius is giving you advanced technical skills on a highly professional platform where you will not only actually perform but also gain hands-on practice tasks. We always come up with new resources by offering such skilled courses like Web Designing courses for kids in Lahore to the school-going children so that they can use their time in a positive way which will be helpful in their upcoming years.

Benefits of learning Web & Graphic Design with PNY Genius Institute:

In web designing training for kids in Lahore course you will get some major benefits which everyone acknowledges for them like;

Live online classes:

Through the online course, you can get personal attention and quick response from the teacher while at their homes.

Qualified teacher for this course:

Our faculty are trained and diversely qualified in the field of web & graphic designing. Our instructor keeps an equal check on every student.

Verified course Certificate:

After learning the advanced skills they will get a nationally verified certificate which will be useful in their career path.

Modified course syllabus:

The prospectus is designed in a way to prepare kids for academics and beyond. It develops learning pace, style, and interest.

Course Project for careers:

In this course, we give projects to our kids so they can build their own portfolios that will further help them in their career lines.

This course is meant to teach you to develop a visual awareness by observing thoroughly, being focused, and having a curiosity about your surroundings. PNY Genius is giving you this platform to learn detailed concepts relating to graphic designing, developing your inner artist to boost up, and giving you a comprehensive understanding of web designing. You will be working on a variety of projects that will help you to master your skills.

So without wasting any minute be a part of us and make your career path through PNY Genius.

Enrolment Process in Web & Graphics Course for Kids in Lahore

Please follow the instructions for the admission method;

  • Visit our website for future details.
  • For the latest news and updates follow us on our Facebook page.
  • Follow up on the admission form to apply.

We have summarized our course content into 16 modules and in each module, we will discuss deeply web and graphics. It includes Photoshop, adobe illustrator, and experience design.

In this course kids will learn;

  • Design Elements
  • Use of Graphic Designs
  • Photoshop Interface
  • Adobe Illustrator interface introduction
  • Workspaces
  • Creating and Editing Gradients
  • What are the logo and types of logo
  • How to download and install Fonts
  • Introduction to Adobe XD
  • What is UI & UX Interface
  • How wide should my website or app in Adobe XD
  • Create Prototype in XD
  • Basic information related to HTML

About The Author

Miss Sadia

Miss Sadia


She has done BSCS and started her professional career during her studies as a freelancer. she has designed many websites and logos and developed lots of professional expertise during freelance work. Since 2021, after completing her degree, she has been working as a web and graphics designer at WebITech company which is one of the renowned IT companies in Pakistan. At WebiTech I had started her career as a junior graphics designer but technical expertise and exceptional thinking helped her to become a senior web and graphics designer within a year. she is a Dynamic and innovative professional with 2+ years of experience in handling several simultaneous creative design projects, concept creation, graphics design, animation, and visual conceptualization. Apart from this she handled a team of 10 members including 2 freelancers and reported their progress to the head of the department and solved all the errors. In addition to this, she is very much interested in different programming languages and also developed strong websites.

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