FAQs - PNY Genius

Q: Is it possible to apply for admission online?

Yes, it is possible for a candidate can apply for a particular course online. Visit the official website, here, you can find the details and online application form. The procedure makes it easy for the candidate outside Lahore to register for a particular course and start learning.

Q: Can I apply for any program online?

You can fill out the application online through the website and submit the form online. After submission, you will receive the reference number. The candidate has to provide the fee within the given deadline, which can be paid through the bank or directly to the office. Moreover, the course outline and class schedule can also be obtained through email.

Q: What can cause the rejection of an admission application?

PNY Genius has the right to accept or reject the admission application to any of its courses. The rejection usually occurs if the candidate does not fulfill the admission requirement or is not up to the selection criteria for a particular course.

Q: How much do I need to pay in advance for registration?

The registration fee that a candidate has to pay for the course depends on the time duration of that particular course. For example:

  1. - PKR 2,000 for 1 month to 3 months courses
  2. - PKR 5,000 for 6Months courses
  3. - PKR 10,000 for 1Year Courses

Q: Is there any priority for admission?

PNY does not prioritize admissions on any standard. All the programs are first-come, first, first-serve basis. Once all the seats are filled, we will not take any further enrolments.

Q: Is the qualification for every program different?

Yes, for every course or program, the qualification requirement is different. Moreover, it depends on the course outline, education level, or skill level.

Q: Can I stay at the campus before or after classes?

PNY students are only allowed to come 1 hour before class and can stay up to 1 hour after the class. Staying on campus other than the mentioned time frame is considered a violation of discipline, and the administration can take strict action against the breach.

Q: What is the attendance policy for the class?

In the class, attendance will be marked in the first 10 minutes when the class starts. Moreover, every student has to maintain 80% attendance in the registered course. Otherwise will not be entitled to the certification—further the late coming and early leaving without any notice or valid reason marked as an absence.

Q: When will I get the certificate of completion awarded?

A certificate of completion of the course will be awarded within a month after the course completion.

After the provided time frame, PNY is not responsible for the damage or loss of certification.

Q: Can I get a duplicate certificate in case of losing it?

In case of loss of the certificate, the student can apply for the duplicate certificate. PNY Genius will charge PKR 1,000 for the issuance of a duplicate certificate.

Q: Is it possible to freeze my course?

Yes, the candidate can freeze the course, but in this context, he or she has to pay the full fee for that particular course. Moreover, this option can be opting only within the 7 days from the beginning of the classes.

Q: Can I switch to any other course even after paying the initial dues?

Yes, you can switch to any other course, but it will cost you a swap fee. Moreover, you can request a course swap within 7 days from the commencement of classes.

Q: Can I claim a refund if I am not able to take the course?

Yes, you can apply for a refund or withdraw from the course. You need to apply for the withdrawal 7 days before the commencement of classes with a valid reason. In this case, you will be charged the registration fee only and will get the tuition fee back.

Q: Does PNY refund if the course is canceled?

In case PNY Genius cancels the course due to any reason, the candidates will get a complete 100% refund for the course.

Q: How can I sign up as a student on PNY Genius?

Users go to the top admission link and follow the instructions to sign up an account on PNY Genius.

Q: How can I recover or change the password of my PNY Genius account?

When you will log in to your account there is the below option available Forgot Your Password click the link. A new page will be open for reset passwords enter your email address and click to send button. You will receive a link on your email then click the link and create a new password. visit the link For Forgot Your Passwords.

Q: How do I pay Online?

Users can pay through Debit or Credit Cards. Once the user is logged in to PNY Genius via Web or App.

Q: How can I pay through JazzCash?

Using JazzCash, you can pay through the below 3 options;

  1. - Mobile Account
  2. - Voucher Payment
  3. - Credit / Debit card

Q: Is there any fees to use the JazzCash Online Payment Gateway?

There are no fees for you to use the JazzCash Online Payment Gateway

Q: What amount should I pay to the retailer at the time of voucher payment?

You will only pay the amount equivalent to the goods purchased. No extra amount to be paid to the retailer for using JazzCash services.

Q: How will I know that my voucher payment has been made?

You will receive a confirmation message that your payment has been made against your order.

Q: How can I pay through a credit/debit card?

The flow of transactions for Credit/Debit card customers

This transaction is broadly categorized for two types of customers i.e. registered customers and unregistered customers for Registered Customer:

  1. - The customer is registered at the Customer portal and he or she performs any transaction
  2. - Customer selects Credit/Debit card option
  3. - Once the Credit/Debit card option is selected customer will select the already linked Credit/Debit card number or can choose to provide alternative Credit/Debit card details
  4. - Transaction will be processed and the customer will be notified on his/her mobile number with the confirmation.

Flow for Un-Registered Customers:

  1. - Customer is not registered at Payment Gateway, he or she performs any transaction
  2. - Customer selects Credit/Debit card option
  3. - Once the Credit/Debit card option is selected customer will enter the Credit/Debit card details
  4. - Transaction will be processed and the customer will be notified on his/her mobile number with the confirmation.

Q: What information will I have to share to make a payment through a debit/credit card?

You will have to enter the card number, expiry date, and the last three digits written on the back of the card.

Q: In Case of any JazzCash payment-related query where should I register my complaint?

You can dial 4444 from your Jazz number for payment-related queries.

Q: My payment is declined while paying through a Credit or Debit card?

Please contact your issuing bank for further details.

Q: Do I receive any notification for my payment confirmation?

You will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile regardless of any payment method.