Robotronics Camp

This camp offers an exceptional opportunity for children to actively participate in robotics activities and gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts related to smart systems.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 8 8+ PKR 10,000
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Appropriate for all
Robotronics Camp

Course Description

Robotronics Camp For Kids in Lahore

The robotronics camp is designed in Lahore for kids more than 10 years old. In this five-day activity camp, kids will be able to explore the diverse concepts of robotics in a delightful educational strategy. They will learn the basic concepts of robotics at such a young age which will ultimately help them to navigate the technical fields that are rapidly evolving nowadays. Along with that, they will learn the fundamental robotics principles and develop inspiring and innovative thinking.

Moreover, they will develop critical thinking skills in analyzing and improving robot designs. Also, be able to make informed decisions in the design and programming process.

Smart Automatic Car Barrier System

There are five activities involved in this camp. The first activity is the smart automatic car barrier system. In this activity, kids will be able to make and operate the smart automatic car. With this activity, children will develop a sense of automated systems and also learn to manage the movements efficiently. They will explore the role of barriers in controlling vehicle access and develop a deep understanding of sensors, monitors, and control systems. Furthermore, children will learn how to set up and configure the system and gain knowledge about the installation process of automatic barriers. Besides, it emphasizes the importance of safety features in automatic barriers and gains an understanding of how to safely interact with the system.

Security Door System

The second activity includes the security door system. By getting hands on this, kids will be able to get a hold of the concept that how the automatic system is designed and works. Besides, they will learn how crucial is the role of the door system in maintaining security.

A security door system program for children can provide valuable knowledge about safety and security measures, instilling a sense of responsibility and awareness regarding the importance of safeguarding living or working spaces. They will understand the interconnectedness of security devices and responsible use of security measures along with developing the ability to communicate effectively about security concerns.

Water Level Detector System

In this particular activity, kids will grasp the concept of precise measurements. They will learn how to detect the water level system specified by certain units. They will keep up with an understanding of how components of water detectors work and the accuracy required in the measurement of water through a detector.

Through this activity, kids will develop skills to identify and troubleshoot common issues with water level detectors and maintain an understanding of when to seek assistance for more complex problems.

This camp is focused on a Water Level Detector System for children that can provide an interactive and educational experience, fostering an early interest in technology, environmental monitoring, and problem-solving skills.

Control lights with Claps

In this fun activity, children will understand the basic electronic components involved in light control with claps and Learn about circuits, sensors, and switches. They will get hold of creating a simple circuit to control lights and get an understanding of how wires and connections work in an electrical circuit. This activity will encourage critical thinking to troubleshoot and solve issues with the clap-controlled lights and Identify and fix common problems in electronic circuits. They will explore the sound sensors and how they detect claps or other sound cues and Understand the principles behind sound-activated technology.

One-Way Traffic Light Signal

This activity will give them an introduction to basic traffic safety rules for pedestrians and drivers. Kids understand the significance of traffic signals in ensuring safety. They will be exploring the engineering behind traffic light systems and getting hold of the design considerations for effective traffic management.

Besides this activity encourages critical thinking about traffic scenarios and decision-making and will be to Discuss the hypothetical situations and appropriate responses.

You can join us in this fun activity if you are:

• Kids more than 10 years old

• Interest in robotics & technology

• Urge to explore fresh ideas

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