Game Development Master Class

This game development class is designed to teach the gaming and coding concepts that kids can use to develop game design, digital art, and programming skills.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 4 4+ PKR 999
Duration : 0 Months 1 Days
Skill level: Beginner
Game Development Master Class

Course Description

Game development master class in Lahore

The game development master class in Lahore is the most demanding technological field through which kids and teens will learn how to design games at an early age. The kids will be familiar with technology at their initial age because technology is today's need and demand. If students learn these kinds of skills with their school education, they will definitely be able to create a boom in their career path. 

PNY Genius understand the need for this class so that's why we arrange it for our kids so they can become independent. 

Purpose of Game Development Masterclass 

The purpose of this game development master class in Lahore is to make our kids and teens different from other students and build confidence in them so they can boost their skills at an early age.

What we do in this class

Through our Game Development master class in Lahore, we offer our students a place of technical learning and corporate class experience. It includes;

• Roll a Ball Game

• Ball movement with keys

• Camera Flows

• Coins

• Displaying

This class curriculum includes all the things which are necessary to build kids' technical skills and make them confident enough to develop their own game and present themselves in public.

Importance of Game Development Class

In this game development master class in Lahore, we let our children do something unique by using their imaginative skills and creating what they liked. Because when kids think wisely and deeply, they can create advancement in the technical field. Today's technology gives more confidence because it gives a path to learn and earn. When kids learn to work in a team and prioritize others' opinions as well, they can develop professional behavior in them.

Benefits of Game Development Master Class

Gaming has now become an authentic career that brings artistic ability to kids' lives. When you start making games, many problems occur, so students can develop teamwork skills and effectively solve those problems. The benefits of taking this master class are as follows:

• In this game development class, students will learn about Unity, which means composing a game object with various components to get the exact behavior you want.

• Today, technology gives more confidence because kids can start earning at an early age, which makes them independent as well.

• The class will make the kids capable of self-learning, which will help their advancement in their careers.

• By joining this class, kids develop their creative, problem-solving, and social skills.

This game development master class in Lahore is very beneficial for kids to familiarise themselves with the advancement of technology at their initial stage of earning so that they can choose their career path easily.

PNY Genius:

The PNY Genius is one of the best training institutes that offer this Game Development Master Class in Lahore for kids. That is the most advanced technological skill of today. So we can understand the need for this class, and we want to create more authentic and technical minds so they can grow together worldwide.

We are providing quality learning through our qualified instructors who give them the knowledge that will be beneficial for them in their future, and it also brings advancement in the gaming industry when we prepare kids for that. So join PNY Genius today with your enrolment in this game development master class in Lahore.

This game development master class in Lahore is designed for every kid and teen to advance their knowledge in this technical field.

  • Kids who are aged between 7 and 18 years can join this class.
  • Kids who have an interest and want to make their career in the gaming field can join this class.
  • Kids who are in Lahore and outside of Lahore join this class through online and physical classes.

About The Author

Usama Azmat

Usama Azmat


Mr. Usama Azmat has many years of experience in the field of game development. He develops the same passion among kids through his teaching style. He is very collaborative and hardworking and makes his students capable so that they can lead in their career fields.