Python programming Course

This course provides learning about Python programming basics including, data type, operators, and conditional statements called Loops with python

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 16 16+ PKR 10,000
Duration : 2 Months
Skill level: Advance
Python programming Course

Course Description

Python Programming Course For Kids in Lahore

Python is an advanced coding language, and it’s a time for kids to level up their abilities by learning this course. This python programming course for kids in Lahore will help kids to jump into the world of programming with confidence. There are so many engaging and creative ways to work on Python. We have designed this course layout much easier for kids. To use all its data; as objects and all the characters in strings. That is an open-source programming language which; means that kids can easily learn this through our course.

PNY Genius has brought this initiative to introduce this course to kids so they can be more ambitious and skillful in their lives. By learning this python training course for kids in Lahore the students can create apps and software.

Mission Of Python Programming Course For Kids

“The uniqueness through our platform which teaches the children real text-based programming in an easy, friendly manner that can jump into Python Programming without having a previous coding background.”

Benefits Of Learning Python Programming

Python is one of the best programming languages in all Computer Languages for kids & teens to get started with when they begin their coding journey from scratch. In the python training course for kids in Lahore, a module Python will teach your kids all the basic elements which need to run a program at the initial stage. The benefits of learning this course are as follows;

Acceptance in The Job Market

This course will help those students who pursue Python programming at an early age they will get job benefits in the IT industry in the future.

Improves Practical performance

By learning Python courses, they strengthen their skills and abilities like rational thinking, inventive abilities, and intellectual ideas. These skills help them in their school learning as well.

Increase Creativity

Through this course, children discover their creative side and get a response about small coding projects, which leads them to do work more creatively in the future.

Computer Skills improved

This course helps students learn Python so they can improve their software skills and the use, of a keyboard in a proper way that will benefit their future success.

• Importance of Scratch Programming

• The PNY Genius motive is;

• To equip children with basic coding abilities, so they can be eligible for future

This online python programming for kids in Lahore will help students; to build strong programming habits and boost computational thinking. We will discuss in this course data science, the conditioned statements, relational operators, variables, and the role of Loops in python. We improve our kid's learning capabilities, so they will not hesitate while performing their tasks. We provide them fun and creative environment so they can connect with the instructor easily.

The objective of this Course:

This online python programming for kids in Lahore introduces the exciting world of programming using the Python language. That is a great option for kids to learn this language and develop many skills, which help them to grow positively. This language helps the child to strengthen their brain. PNY Genius's objective is to build a coding environment that is simple and easy to use. We want to approachable our kids towards technology so they can use their time in creative work. The learning objective of this course;

• Kids will be able to use creativity while doing python programming' which also helps them to grow their educational skills.

• They get the capability to stick with the problem until finding a solution; this problem-solving method is convertible to a lot of other fields. 

In short, this Python programming course will help the kids in every aspect of their learning so they can; prepare for a successful future.

Why PNY Genius:

We are preparing our young kids' minds with computer program language learning through our innovative course and latest training. PNY Genius develops itself with the thought that we will create a new generation where every kid is an inventive thinker and a modernizer of technology. As skill has become easier to get, and it has been easier for kids to learn how to work on programming and coding languages. This online python programming for kids in Lahore learning procedure will make it more useful for the learners to get the right information by doing this Python programming course for kids.

With us, the children will be able to promote their aptitudes and experiences.

We give;

• The unique method of learning

• Project Analysis

• Certifications as an Award

Start learning in 3 simple steps:

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• Start Learning with PNY Genius

This python training course for kids in Lahore will help kids to engage and create more advanced learning with Python. We have designed this course for kids and teens so that they can prepare themself for progressive learning of technology. It includes;

• 7 to 18 years kids can join this course with us.

• Kids who want to be the best programmer in the future have to join this course, for making up their basics.

• Students from Lahore and out of Lahore can be a part of us through physical and online classes.

About The Author

Saira Batool

Saira Batool


Ms. Saira Batool earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University Qatar in 2014. She also taught in Qatar. She has worked as a summer camp assistant teacher at Future Nursery 2020. She worked as an English teacher at ROTA’s Language Bridges in 2018. Her teaching methods are very interesting, and students love to be trained by her. She makes them confident enough so that they can work independently and successfully.

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