Mind Math Master Class

This class is designed for kids and teens to enhance their mental capability towards math and they can learn better with different engaging and fun mathematics activities.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
1-12 1 1+ PKR 999
Duration : 0 Months 1 Days
Skill level: Beginner

Course Description

Overview of Mind Math Master Class For Kids in Lahore

We have designed this mind math master class in Lahore to be very attractive and exciting for the kids. We want to provide learning to our kids through different and engaging activities through which they can learn more and their interest will be increased in maths. Our teachers are qualified instructors of mathematics. They lead their students to prepare for their future in mathematics.

This Mind Math Master Class in Lahore will help the students improve their mental calculation skills with speed and accuracy. Kids will study all addition and subtraction or multiplication methods. Mind Math is a skill to solve maths problems without using pencil & paper or any calculator. Students will solve all the mathematical problems and formulas at their fingertips. This is an activity that sharpens your kid's mind and develops its strong foundation.

Purpose of Mind Math Class

“Strengthen your adult brain for a stronger base in mathematics. We want to encourage our students to develop a good basis in algebra, rational thinking, personality, and a desire to learn through this class.”

What we do in this class:

Through our mental math master class in Lahore, we deliver to our students an environment of significant learning and cooperative class experience. 

It includes;

• Counting on fingers

• learn how to count from 1-99 on fingers through this mind math class

• Work on mathematical formulas like addition, subtraction, and multiplication

This class curriculum contains all the things which are necessary to build kids' mental math capabilities and make them confident enough to solve problems very easily.

Importance of this class:

The PNY Genius has introduced this mind math master class in Lahore to permit our children to think analytically to find better solutions to math problems. Through this class, we develop students' IQ, which makes them more advanced learners of mathematics.

Children can do better when working with memory tasks. So we improved the brain power of a kid through the progress of their brain abilities. We always provide advanced learning opportunities for our kids so they can rise with the world.

Benefits of Learning this Class:

Through this Mind Math Master class in Lahore, students will be proficient in knowing the mathematical concepts and implementing them in educational learning. It also increases number sense in kids, which means students can do calculations in their minds easily. The benefits of taking this class are;

• This class develops the brain of kids and it will work quickly and sharply to solve maths problems.

• This class will make students calculation experts without using any tools just only with fingers. 

• This class will increase kids listening power because when they listen to the correct number they can calculate the right answer.

• This class also boost the confidence of the students when they become master in maths.

• This class will ultimately give kids lots of benefits that will help them in their future learning. 

Why PNY Genius:

We are the first to introduce a mental math master class in Lahore to add innovative and interesting features to their learning. PNY Genius is in the process of rising genius for the future. We consider that our children and teenagers should be skilled in mathematics at a young age to make them able to complete various activities without reluctance.

We convey the best talents to our children because we want them to be equipped for the numerical world.

With PNY Genius the students will be able to upgrade their skills and abilities.

We provide;

• A unique method of learning

• Project Analysis

• Project Analysis

This mind math master class in Lahore is designed for children and teenagers who desire to enhance their arithmetic skills and acquire a constant learning technique.

  • This class is designed for children aged 7 to 14 years.
  • Students can join us via online or in-person classes whether they are in Lahore or outside of Lahore.
  • Children who want to boost their courage, work speed, inventiveness, smart minds, as well as other qualities can join us.

Fun "Mind Math Master Class" activities for kids

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About The Author

Umar Huzair

Umar Huzair


Mr. Umar Huzair is a Math expert instructor and providing teaching in this field for many years. He is an expert in solving math problems and has also trained his students in such a way that they are also capable enough to solve math problems easily. His teaching methods are cutting-edge and high-profile, making students more proficient and professional.