Applied Robotics Free Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach the kids about applied robotics, how it works, and how to make it able to perform a task fruitfully and learn the fundamentals of robotics.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 4 4+ PKR 0
Duration : 0 Months 1 Days
Skill level: Beginner
Applied Robotics Free Workshop

Course Description

Applied Robotics Free Workshop in Lahore

The Applied Robotics Free Workshop in Lahore for Kids benefits you by making your children more progressive and skilled with machinery so they know how to use it superlatively.

We are always prepared to introduce new thoughts and make knowledge fun for kids. Because we think that children are the future controllers, we must distinguish them from the gathering at an early stage. PNY Genius comprehends this need for technical knowledge to make our kids robust for their upcoming educational and personal lives.

Purpose Of Free Workshop

This Applied Robotics free Workshop in Lahore is intended to equip our children with new practical terms. Because we want them to be fruitful not only at the moment but also in their future occupation.

What we do in this Robotics workshop

In this Applied Robotics Free Workshop in Lahore for Kids, we link robotics with detail so students can better recognize how to make a mechanical device and how it works. It includes;

  • Introduction to the Makers Movement
  • Introduction to Programming and Robotics
  • How young makers can solve real-life problems with robotics
  • Skills and a roadmap for a genius roboticist

This workshop contains all the topics that are essential to building automation skills and making participants confident enough to make their own machines.

Importance Of This Applied Robotics Workshop:

This Applied Robotics free Workshop in Lahore offers opportunities to introduce children to compound programming in a fun and attractive way. We will discuss four topics that are associated with applied robotics. We will cover all of the information in this workshop so that the kids' robotics knowledge grows. So they will be competent to solve different problems, progress in originality and attention, and make kids ready for the business future. The importance of this workshop is not only for today but also to help kids in future learning and also in higher education.

Benefits Of This Robotics Workshop:

In our Applied Robotics Free Workshop in Lahore, we help children and teenagers become more perceptive, complex, and modern. Imagination and arrangement help them advance their coding skills and improve them for the future. This workshop is extremely beneficial for our young children to connect and profit, which will help them develop in the future. We include all of the information in this workshop so that the children can gain the benefits and become more interested in what comes next. So join this workshop with PNY Genius and make your kids more vigilant and advance with the technology so that they can earn and learn better.

PNY Genius:

PNY Genius is one of the top training institutions that deliver IT-related courses and other classes for kids and youngsters to learn well and get positive consequences at an early age. This Applied Robotics free Workshop in Lahore has been recognized for its ability to inspire children with good information practices and to capture their attention in the procedural field.

We are strong-minded to bring change to kids' information because skill is prosperous, and it’s time for our kids to grow up with technology, so it will not be difficult for them to acquire things in the future. So join PNY Genius today and enroll yourself in this free workshop, and stage your entrance into the world of expertise.

We provide;

  • Unique methods of learning
  • Project analysis
  • Certification as an award


This Applied Robotics free Workshop in Lahore is anticipated by all kids who want to become leading automation experts.

  • Kids from 7 to 18 years of age can join PNY Genius.
  • Kids who are creative and mechanical thinkers and believe that they can outshine in this field
  • Students who are in Lahore and outside of Lahore can join us through online and physical classes.

About The Author

Ahmed Bilal

Ahmed Bilal


Mr. Ahmad Bilal completed his BCS or BS in Electrical Engineering and Robotics Automation Product Design in 2019. He is currently working as a team leader at Big Byte Lahore. He provides training in Scratch programming, and he has many years of teaching experience in this field. He is making a concerted effort to support students with no prior exposure to computers or programming skills and take them to the next level.