This camp is designed to teach the junior kids coding and prepare them for the next challenge.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
6-12 8 8+ PKR 10,000
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description


This Junior Robotics Camp for kids in Lahore is designed to make our kids more familiar with technology at an early age. Robotics is a fun learning course curriculum, and at their initial stage, their minds are sharper and more intellectually strong to absorb the things. This course will help them boost their knowledge of technology.

PNY Genius wants to make the kids more capable at an early age, and through this Junior Robotics Camp in Lahore, they will learn to automate the challenges. Through this course, they will also learn problem-solving and programming skills that will prepare them for a professional career.

Shift Your Child Through Technology To The Next Equipment:

Through this Junior Robotics Camp for kids in Lahore, students can develop their overall ability to focus on building strong interpersonal and professional skills. Get hands-on with robotics by exploring, building, and coding to create the perfect mixture of fun and imagination.

We make kids geniuses by helping them build their minds with highly engaging summer camps. If your kids want to be filled with dynamic and unique robotics, then they need to join this Junior Robotics Camp for kids in Lahore.

Become a Technical Creator With Robotics.

Being junior robotics kids, they will have more opportunities to explore in the future. Through this, they can develop development skills. Students who will learn through this program can develop their knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which will improve awareness and passion among young kids.

Our instructors train, entertain, and inspire creativity among kids and equip them with cognitive, social, and collaborative skills. So join this Junior Robotics Camp Course in Lahore and advance your kids future through it.

Benefits Of Learning Robotics For Kids:

There are the following reasons why kids should learn this Junior Robotics Camp Course in Lahore: It includes;


With the focus on hands-on learning, STEAM plays a main role in robotics because robotics has all the elements. This process of learning makes the kids more intellectually strong, and they will also perform well in their school education.

Introduction to Programming:

Through robotics, kids will become familiar with the programming, and it will also make them capable of adding different codes. Programming languages can also make them confident because they are not only used to make robotics but also help give them an immediate, tangible result that you can see and feel.

Problem-solving skills:

When they learn to create robots, there are lots of difficulties at first, through which they can learn how to solve the little problems and find a better solution. These problem-solving skills will also help them in their personal and professional lives.

Career development:

Programming and IT-based skills will prepare them for the future because they are the most in-demand skills. And when kids learn at an early age, it will be easier for them to pursue this technical field in the future.

So kids should join this Sumer Camp For Kids in Lahore to build themselves up.

PNY Genius:

PNY Genius is one of the leading training institutes that provides IT-related courses for kids to study better and get positive experiences at an early age. We have made this Junior Robotics Camp Course in Lahore to inspire them with good knowledge and raise their interest in learning.

Our purpose is to allocate growth in kids' learning because summer camp is the early stage of summing up things to find correct answers, so the learning should be outstanding. We want kids to be focused, unique, and protected in front of anyone because they are the future of this society. So join PNY Genius today, enroll yourself in this Junior Robotics Camp Course in Lahore, and step into the world of calculations.

We provide;

• Unique method of learning

• Project analysis                       

• Certification as an Award

This Junior Robotics Camp Course in Lahore is intended for kids who wish to progress their discrete and dedicated aptitudes and gain continuous acquaintance.

• This camp is planned for children aged 4 and older.

• Students can join us through an online or physical workshop, whether they are in Lahore or outside of Lahore.

• Children who want to increase their inventiveness, sharp thinking, and other aptitudes

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