English Writing & Communication Skills For Champ

English writing & communication skills course is an essential step to developing communication skills within the child.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-14 16 16+ PKR 10,000
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

English Spoken Course For Kids in Lahore 

This course is for kids & teens who feel hesitant while speaking to anybody and want to improve their English language skills. These course sessions are specially designed to suit the need of our students. In an English language course for kids in Lahorethere are 16 classes to cover each topic so that students get plenty of time to practice. Through this English language course, we learn in a more practical way by doing different activities related to the course curriculum.

Vision Of English Writing Course 

“Our English Writing and Communication Skill course Program is designed with this intention to enable our children to express themself creatively and confidently in front of others. We aim to set up students for success not just for today, but also for future jobs. “

What we do in the Communication Skills Course in Lahore

We provide our students an environment of powerful learning and interactive online as well as physical class experience through our Communication Skills course for kids in Lahore.

We give;

Public Speaking Skills

• Boost Confidence

• Personal Growth

Reading Skills

• Build a Strong Vocabulary

• Audience Interaction

Writing Skills

• Sentence structure

• Group discussion

Listening Skills

• Daily life sentences

• Focus on voice

3 Methods of our Course English Language Course

Students will learn and deliver their thoughts using techniques of creative writing, tense formation, speaking activities, group discussion, and listening activities.


Our communication skills courses for kids in Lahore follow these three approaches to give the best to our students;

• Evaluate: We evaluate the communication and writing skills of our students by assigning them different tasks through which we can level up their minds from a 1 to 10 ratio and work on them accordingly, we do this just for better assessment.

• Engage: We have designed our curriculum with so many different interactive activities included so that students get to learn with fun. We have 16 classes which are subdivided into many activities.

• Enhance: After this course, students learn skills progressively and will be able to make their communication on an advanced level which enhances their creativity skillsbecome public speakers, improve grammar, and build a strong vocabulary.

Importance of this Course Communication Skills in Lahore

The PNY Genius motive is;

‘To develop the inner speaker or writer in your child.'

This writing and communication skills course allows our kids to express their opinions, create their voices, and build their Logical Skills. Our English Language Training Centre for kids in Lahore works on each aspect to provide a vast and better learning environment so that students will not get bored and individually participate in all activities, which makes them more confident to speak with anyone.

Benefits of Learning this Course:

English has become an International language and the most corporate medium for communication, so every parent wants their child to be confident in speaking English. Our communication skills institute for kids in Lahore helps your kids to overcome issues, which they have been facing while speaking. Here are some benefits your kids will get during this course.

• Speak whether you speak wrong or right: This learning brings confidence in our kids through which they can be fluent in communication further.

• Fears from others: We give chances to our kids the to overcome this fear and communicate with their fellows in English.

• Grammar Errors: In this course, we teach tenses thoroughly so that their grammar will be improved and their tense formation will be better.

• Prepare well for social interaction: Through our course program, we make kids capable so they can communicate with anyone in any situation confidently.

• So PNY Genius is allowing you to be a part of our English language training for kids in Lahore. Our training institute will give you many ways of speaking outcome which leads your child towards a successful, professional career at an early age.

About PNY Genius

Our learning techniques are to develop English writing and communication skills along with the pattern to learn independently and with confidence; by helping them study at just the precise level, regardless of age. Students can fill this gap of knowledge or work they get from schools by taking the best English-spoken course for kids in Lahore from us.

PNY Genius instructors support their students in their work to help them by inspiring them with good study practice and a love for learning. We are giving benefits to the students by providing an appropriate time and place for them to study.

If you consider this, you can join us through online and physical classes with our instructors.

We provide;

• A unique method of learning

• Project Analysis 

• Certifications as an Award 

Start learning in 3 simple steps

• Browse our courses

• Fill up the admission form and confirm your schedule for learning.

• Start Learning with PNY Genius




Our institute is giving an opportunity to join our best English-spoken course for kids in Lahore for better learning in the field of communication.

  • Kids aged 7 to 14 years can join PNY Genius.
  • Kids who want to better their writing and communication skills can join us.
  • Students from Lahore and out of Lahore can join us through Physical and online classes.

About The Author

Safdar Naqvi

Safdar Naqvi


Mr. Safdar is a professional English writer and communication skills instructor who has been teaching in this field for many years. He is a versatile teacher and knows which practices will be best for training the students in a language that will make them ready for a successful career.

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