English Writing and Communication Skills Free Workshop

The English Writing and Communication Skills free workshop in Lahore is a vital step in developing spoken and written skills in kids. Through this free workshop, children will be able to improve their intelligence and viewpoints and advance their minds.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 5 5+ PKR 0
Duration : 0 Months 1 Days
Skill level: Beginner
English Writing and Communication Skills Free Workshop

Course Description

English Writing and Communication Skills free Workshop For Kids in Lahore

This free English writing and communication skills workshop in Lahore is intended for kids who feel awkward talking to anybody and want to recover their communication skills. This workshop session is particularly planned to meet the requirements of our students. During this free workshop class, children will gain a more hands-on approach to various curriculum-related activities.  PNY Genus brings lots of opportunities for their kids to make them capable enough so that they can reach a higher level in their career field, and also get the confidence of doing anything in their life.

Purpose of this English writing & communication skills workshop:

"Our English Writing and Communication Skills free workshop in Lahore is designed with this determination to allow our children to definite themselves creatively and confidently in front of others."

What we do in this English writing workshop:

During our English writing and communication skills free workshop in Lahore, we create an environment of persuasive knowledge and cooperative class participation for our students.

It includes;

  • Listening 
  • Speaking 
  • Writing 
  • Reading 
  • cognitive skills ( thinking, reasoning, and remembering )

This free workshop prospectus includes all the things that are essential to building kids' writing and communication skills and making them confident to express themselves in front of anyone.

Importance of this communication skills free workshop:

In this English writing and communication skills free workshop in Lahore, we define our kids' thoughts and form their common sense aptitudes. We work with individual children to create a large and better learning environment for them so that learners are not exhausted and can contribute independently to all events. This workshop will make their knowledge more progressive, which eventually produces results in the form of inspired skills, open speaking, and solid language and syntax. PNY Genius bring communication skills for the kids because if their speaking power is best and confident they can easily talk with anyone also it boosts their sense of humor and they will better know whom they have to talk to and in which manner. So join this workshop and advance your abilities with it.

English writing & communication free workshop For Kids in Lahore:

In today’s forward-thinking education, every kid must have the self-confidence to transcribe and express themselves flawlessly and clearly, so others can appreciate their determination to talk. Our English writing and communication skills free workshop in Lahore help your kids overcome their panic about language and become specialists in writing and communication skills. PNY Genius is allowing you to join our free workshop in LahoreWe will provide a resource for communication that leads your child to an effective, certified career at an early age. This workshop will increase your memory and enables you to hang on to information while in the process of using it. Our trainers will be able to develop a program that will strengthen your skills and make life a little bit easier.

PNY Genius:

PNY Genius is one of the foremost training institutes that provides IT-related courses for kids to study better and get optimistic effects at an early age. We have presented this English writing and communication skills free workshop in Lahore to stimulate them with good knowledge practices and grow their attention to learning.

Our determination is to convey development in kids' learning because communication is the initial stage of articulating yourself in front of others, so it should be outstanding. We want kids to be attentive, original, and assured in front of anyone because they are the future of this society. So join PNY Genius today and enroll yourself in this free workshop, and step into the world of vision.

We provide;

  • A unique method of learning
  • Project analysis                     
  • Certification as an Award


This English writing and communication skills free workshop in Lahore is for kids and teens who want to grow their abilities and become more confident.

  • Kids aged 7 to 18 years can join this workshop.
  • Those who want to advance themselves in language and writing can attend this workshop.
  • Students who are from Lahore and outside of Lahore can join us through physical or online classes.

About The Author

Safdar Naqvi

Safdar Naqvi


Mr. Safdar is a professional English writer and communication skills instructor who has been teaching in this field for many years. He is a versatile teacher and knows which practices will be best for training the students in a language that will make them ready for a successful career.

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