Art & Craft Camp

This course is designed to teach the students the creative ways through which they can get skills-based benefits and utilize these skills in the future.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
5-18 8 8+ PKR 7,500
Duration : 1 Months
Skill level: Advance
Art & Craft Camp

Course Description

Art and Craft Camp Course For Kids in Lahore

This art and craft camp course in Lahore makes the students capable of expressing their inner artist by making different crafts. This course will enhance their fine motor skills, which can convert their imagination into something productive.

This art and craft camp course in Lahore activities will make the students confident and let them explore anything that makes them happy. Kids love learning new things, and that’s why this course will bring more fun-loving activities for them that will make them more creative in their thoughts. So join this course and let your kids create beautiful things with their hands.

Reasons why arts and crafts classes are important for your child

There are the following reasons your kids should join this art and craft camp course in Lahore:

• These classes will improve their vocabulary because they will learn about shapes, sizes, and colors.

• This course will help them improve their thoughts so they can express more of how they feel.

• Through these classes, they will become more productive and creative at the same time.

• It will help them improve their social skills by socializing with other team members while creating different crafts.

So join this art and craft camp course in Lahore and advance your kids learning through it.

Benefits of Art and Craft Classes for Your Kid

Through this art and craft camp course in Lahore, kids will gain the ultimate benefits that help them grow interpersonal and professional skills. This includes;

Expressing themselves:

Through this course, kids will come to articulate themselves through arts and crafts activities and plays, which tend to be very visual about everything that happens in everyday life and generally includes a lot of knowledge every day.

Coordination & Fine Motor Skills

Most of the activities in this art and craft camp course in Lahore play a great role in improving coordination and fine motor skills. Art and crafts usually require kids to use both hands for better creation, which can help them develop fine motor skills and two-sided coordination.

Better Creativity, Imagination, and Productivity

This arts and crafts camp is a great way for them to turn that creative imagination into something that can be creative. We have designed many activities and DIYs they can select from, which let them discover diverse stuff, colors, and materials and pick those that they find the most pleasant.

Enhances critical thinking

Children get to discover anything that makes them happy by learning art and craft. These classes give them a way to think analytically and increase their learning prospects. This will increase your child’s exposure to creative thinking and will help raise your child’s IQ in a better and more efficient way.

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

When kids do something that they feel makes a good impact on their minds, The happiness, mental peace, and sense of achievement they feel after making a craft are irresistible for them. Kids get to try new things and also grow their self-regulation skills, like waiting for preferred outcomes. It helps in building tolerance as well.

So join this art and craft camp course in Lahore if you want to get the course benefits and make your kids capable enough to do anything.

PNY Genius:

PNY Genius is one of the foremost training institutes that delivers IT-related courses for kids to study better and get positive effects at an early age. We have presented this art and craft camp course in Lahore to encourage them with good knowledge practices and grow their attention to learning.

Our purpose is to transfer growth in kids' learning because art and craft bring lots of mental creativity to them, which brings pleasantness into their lives, so the learning should be outstanding. We want kids to be concentrating, original, and secure in front of anyone because they are the future of this society. So join PNY Genius today and enroll yourself in this art and craft camp course in Lahore, and step into the artistic world.

We provide;

• The unique method of learning            

• Project analysis 

• Certification as an Award

This art and craft camp course in Lahore is planned for kids and teens who wish to increase their artistic abilities and obtain continuous knowledge.

• This camp is intended for children aged 5 to 18 years.

• Students can join us through an online or physical workshop, whether they are in Lahore or outside of Lahore.

• Children who want to increase their work speed, creativity, sharp minds, as well as other qualities, can join us.

About The Author

Aneeqa Abid

Aneeqa Abid


Ms. Aneeqa Abid completed her Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Education in 2022. She has strong experience in calligraphy and writing skills and has participated in many exhibitions of calligraphy and arts and crafts. Her way of teaching is according to the kids understanding so that there will be no difficulty students will face during classes. She trains her students in a very suitable manner, which builds up their careers in this field.