Skills Development Course

This course is designed to build skills for life. It includes personality development skills, receptive skills, descriptive language, reading skills, etc. To make learning a fun experience for kids.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 8 8+ PKR 5,000
Duration : 1.5 Months
Skill level: Advance
Skills Development Course

Course Description

Details of Skills Development Course for Kids in Lahore

Our learning outline for this course is very interesting fun, and inventive. We teach children skills that make their roots strong in life. This course is designed for the age group of 7 to 18 years, in which children are more concerned and proactive in learning new things, and their minds work accordingly.

PNY Genius has taken the initiative to make our kids more ambitious and confident so they can never remain back at any step of their life. This skill development counseling course for kids makes your kids capable to develop, creativity and productivity through our training.

Mission of Skills Development Course for Kids

‘’ We cover a path to sparkling your child's creativity and intelligence. Through this course, we build their problem-solving skills and empower their academic skills through fun-filled activities.’’

Benefits of Learning About Skills Development 

The foundational years of child growth are critical during these years strong basis needs to be established to make them stronger individuals. In today's demand for obtaining valuable skills for life, school education is lacking in giving any opportunity to cultivate and develop skills and does not give room for children to grow into sharp-minded individuals.

The benefits of learning skill development courses for kids in Lahore are;

Develop creativity

When children expose to new experiences through skills expansion, they become more inventive and visionary.

Drive focused Education

This course will help students to classify their strengths and weakness to get the chance to find the different facets of life. Not only just focused on passing exams.

Independent Thinking

A curriculum arranged in skills development encourages students to think intensely and solve problems independently. They build high self-worth right from an early age.

Skills work for future

Students easily develop employable skills when they learn technology in collaborating and smart classrooms. Children can excel in several areas of their life fluently.

Skills Development Program

This online skills development course for kids in Lahore is designed to develop more impactful and resourceful skills that will help them in their growth and educational learning. Let’s discuss them thoroughly;

Vocabulary Pronunciation: 

In this course, students will learn how to pronounce words. Because reading a language and speaking a language are two different things. 

Personality Development:

This course program will help the students to build their personality that expands their confidence level and forms a good and lasting impression on others.

Spell Check:

This course will help students to write correct spellings with the confidence we develop this skill with the phonics preparation. 


This skill development course for kids in Lahore will help the Students on how they can express their self in front of others. Expression is an important part of communication to show which viewpoint someone is talking to you.

Receptive Skills: 

Through this course, students will be able to improve their reading

and listening involves getting information called receptive skills because it involves words, phrases, paragraphs, and sentences.

Communication Skills:

Through this course, kids learn effective speaking and listening

methods in communication through skills development training and becoming a better leader.


This course will teach children about tenses and give understating

about nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, clauses, phrases, etc., to make it easy for them to converse properly.


This online skills development course for kids in Lahore boosts up

the kid’s imagination power so they can think creatively and work inventively.

Confidence building:

This course goal is to support your kid with a 'can-do attitude through

positive thinking, training, practice, knowledge, and talking to others. This course will give strategies to the children to handle things in life.

Morale Boosting:

This course will help students to participate actively and encourage 

to support one another, give an introduction in the class, and provide them with brainstorming exercises that help to corporate with fellows.


The first important thing for a child's growth is concentration.

It sets the whole base for his personality and behavior. This course will help to increase the concentration level to work with different learning activities.

Creative Writing:

The fun and practical ways; are designed to get children excited about

creating sentences, paragraphs, and essays on their own. This course will help the kids to express their opinions and create' their voices.

Descriptive Language:

This language is the use of descriptive words like adjectives, adverbs,

or descriptive verbs. It includes sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste. Through this course, students develop skills regarding these senses in a descriptive language form.

These are things included in the skills development course for kids in Lahore. Through this course, kids can able to perform well in the classroom and develop their interpersonal skills as well. 

Why PNY Genius:

We are giving opportunities to our kids to come and grow with new learning patterns. We are always willing to provide the best learning curriculum so that children can become better-skilled people for life.

These skills not only make kids capable of educational learning but also help them to implement these skills in their daily routine life from where they can achieve better results in their personality. This skill development counseling course is for kids, to help them achieve their dreams with advanced learning.

PNY Genius Collaboration with Schools:

PNY Genius has going to take a big step as nobody has occupied it yet. We are building collaboration with Schools. PNY is an IT-based institute, and we want to make our kids IT experts that's why we have started this collaboration with the school so that every kid can learn the digital criteria of technology for the betterment of their future. Follow up on the link for more details;

The unique method of learning

• Project Analysis

• Certifications as an Award

• So don’t waste your time and be a part of us. For joining, follow the simple steps shown below;

Start learning in 3 simple steps:

• Browse our courses

• Fill up the admission form and confirm your schedule for learning.

• Start Learning with PNY Genius

With PNY Genius the students will be able to upgrade their skills and abilities.

This skill development counseling course is designed for kids and teens so they can learn more advanced skills.

  • Students aged 7 to 18 years can join the course
  • Students who want to excel with the fast-growing learning methods can join us
  • Students who want to build confidence in themselves and be a professional in the future can join us.

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Fatima Zuhair

Fatima Zuhair


Ms. Fatima Zuhair is a virtual summer camp trainer and provides her teaching in a way that helps her students to be passionate and confident in their life. She is an active, engaging trainer on his subjects, delivering lectures from beginning to end for every type of student mindset to achieve success in a professional setting.

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