Become a Master in MS Office 1.0 Course

For Students age 07 to 14 years who want to learn basics of MS OFFICE

Duration : 2 Months
Skill level: Advance

Course Description

Basics Of MS Office Course For Kids

As in the current era, everything is digital, all renowned educationists and influencers have announced to Go Digital and emphasize the SKILLS of Youth and Children. Pakistan has also emerged into the digital era with the motto ‘’DIGITAL PAKISTAN’’.

In our school education, there is no proper computer training. There is a lack of expertise and facilities to do this. Moreover, students do not have time to focus on this specific skill. Therefore, many students face difficulties in their schools & colleges. Because of this, we want to give Microsoft office training to all such students.

They will be able to take help from IT to explore different subjects. For instance, with the help of computers and the internet, a medical student can learn more things. Secondly, IT education is also very important to make them aware of its advantages. Without proper computer education, students cannot use it for good results. In this Microsoft Office Course, students will learn the following skills:

• Managing and Writing MS Word Document

• Making PowerPoint Presentations

• Making and Managing MS Excel Sheets.

Right now every economy is growing and adopting Digital products for connectivity to each other for education, business, jobs, careers, and other relationships not completing without digital products. Computer training gets you more edge than others skills every activity involves must written records on the computer.

If you are a beginner in the computer field and want to learn about basic computer skills, this course is for you. Ms office 1.0 training course will give you an idea of how to go about it and will guide and teach you in full detail about how MS office is used in a professional way and also guide you about Ms office applications.

01 month physical &online certification in office management computer course level 01 for the Age group of 07 to 14 years old offered by PNY Genius in Lahore (physical classes) & all over Pakistan (online classes). MS Office 1.0 helps to increase and deepen your Digital Knowledge about computers and Soft wares. If you are a person who thinks that learning about Microsoft is boring then perhaps, it is the best time to join training about Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, quick books, and outlook. This course helps you to understand all the small things about Microsoft Office Management Software.

To enroll in MS Office 1.0 course, there is no limitation for qualification or age because SKILL is a new degree. All you need is to have passion and willingness to learn new ways.PNY Genius always facilitates the students and kids by providing physical and online classes, boot camps, free webinars, and live training sessions in flexible hours and for flexible learning of kids and students.

• Kids from all over Pakistan can join online classes and for Lahore students, physical classes are also available.

• Children having the age group of 07 to 14 years.

• Eagerness to learn new things.

• Who want to utilize their skills to earn pocket money and start freelancing in their free time

• Children who want to pursue a career in office management in the future.

About The Author

Imran Shabbir

Imran Shabbir


RANA M. IMRAN SHABBIR, Master in Computer Science Imparting training on various programming languages & technologies aspirants of Information Technology. He Trained Msc Students at Superior University and Virtual University in developing Coding skills & Logic Building

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