- Students and parents Reviews -

Hamza Anwer

Game Development

Assalam-o-Alaikum, my name is Hamza Anwer, and I have done a game development course. I have learned new things; teachers are very cooperative. Insha’Allah, I will participate in this course at an advanced level and also continue it in the future.


Math Genius

Assalm-o-alaikum I am Hadia, and I have joined a math genius course where I have learned a lot of things like addition and subtraction. Can you tell that? So join PNY.

Wali Abbas

Game Development

Assalam-o-alaikum, my name is Wali Abbas. I have joined PNY Genius, where I have taken a game development course and really enjoyed it. Thank you, PNY.

Arooj Fatima

Group 9 to 12

Assalm-o-alaikum, everyone there is Arooj Fatima and I recently took part in the coding competition by Codingal in collaboration with PNY Genius. Alhumdullilah, I have achieved my second position in the group of 9 to 12. Here is my exciting prize, my gift, and I am pretty excited to unbox it, so first of all, a huge, huge thanks to both platforms for giving me such an opportunity to polish my skills and boost my confidence. I also enjoyed participating. It was a great time, and yeah, thank you.



Hi, I am Hania from Grade-4, and I have won this Pakistan coding competition by PNY Genius and Codingal. And I want to thank PNY Genius for sending me this nice bag and price certificate. Thank you.

Aneeb Sohail

Grade 3, PNY Genius Student

My name is Aneeb Sohail,I am 13 years old.I have joined English writing & communication skills course here. I recommend you to join pny genius

Abeeha Bakht

Grade 3, PNY Genius Student

My name is abeeha bakht I have attended web & graphics class today it was a very good experience.I recommend you all to join PNY GENIUS


Grade 3, PNY Genius Student

I attend master class of math genius in which we learn different techniques of mind math and abacus mental math it was a very informative class.I would suggest to join PNY Genius