Junior Scientist Camp

Unleash your scientific capabilities by seamlessly exploring the principles of science and technology.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
6-16 5 5+ PKR 5,000
Duration : 0 Months 5 Days
Skill level: Appropriate for all
Junior Scientist Camp

Course Description

Junior Scientist Camp For Kids in Lahore

Junior Scientist Camp in Lahore is organized for kids and teens to explore their scientific horizons and learn in a fun way. In this camp, kids will introduced to the scientific world in a fun and interactive way. They will dive into landscape science through various delightful and engaging pursuits.

What you could expect?

Hands-On Experiments

In this camp, kids will do hands-on experiments that will make their concepts crystal clear efficiently. These experiments cover the areas of a scientific field.

STEM Activities

Kids in this 5-day activity camp will get hold of STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities. These activities will encourage them to learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Exploration and Science Demonstration

Scientific phenomena and principles are demonstrated in a captivating and entertaining manner so kids can develop an interest in scientific concepts and knowledge.  

Innovation & Creativity

This camp will encourage students to come up with new ideas for scientific projects for innovation. Besides, this will foster curiosity and make them think outside the box.

Fun Learning

The purpose of this camp is to propose a way of learning in a fun way. Games, puzzles, and interactive activities might be incorporated to make learning a fun and exciting experience for the kids.

Their journey towards learning includes:

Newton's Laws with Experiments

This section provides a comprehensive understanding of Newton's three laws. Children will have an engaging and entertaining experience that will deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

Wonders of Water

Children will get to explore the facts and information related to water. Through this, they will develop new scientific sight to observe things around them and explore the concepts. This will include various environmental, technical, and practical aspects of water. Moreover, kids will also explore the unique properties of water and its importance in the ecosystem.

Food Sciences

This part of the camp is the most fascinating and informational part for kids. They will unfold the information about different food groups, the importance of hygienic and healthy food, and knowledge of a balanced diet. They will acquire some basic concepts of cooking, baking, and other useful techniques related to food. Children can also experiment with their recipes fostering creativity. Besides, this will also enhance their sense of smell and taste developing an understanding of how flavors and aromas contribute.

Chemical Curiosities

Children will learn about the basic principles of matter, elements, and compounds. Engaging in chemical experiments allows children to witness various chemical reactions. They will develop an understanding of the laboratory setting and equipment. Moreover, they will explore the periodic table along with their changing properties depending on their groups, atomic mass, and atomic numbers. Hands-on experiments can help children understand the concept of states of matter, observing changes between solid, liquid, and gas states.

Weather Sciences

In this section, kids will learn about the important environmental aspects. This will give them a rich knowledge about whole atmospheric phenomena. Besides, they will get a grasp of information related to layers of earth, understanding their characteristics, and significance. In addition, children can understand the basics of weather forecasting, exploring how meteorologists use data and models to predict future weather conditions.

In this five-day activity camp, we provide you an opportunity to unlock your potential and embark on this scientific journey.

• Children above 6 years old.

• Eager to learn the scientific ideologies

• Interest in the Scientific Theories

• Passion for learning new concepts

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