Scratch Coding Camp

This camp is designed for beginners to create interactive and engaging programs through a simple interface.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
7-18 5 5+ PKR 5,000
Duration : 0 Months 5 Days
Skill level: Appropriate for all
Scratch Coding Camp

Course Description

Scratch Coding Camp For Kids in Lahore

The scratch coding camp in Lahore is designed for children to get hold of technology at an early age. Through this course, they’ll get familiar with the basics of programming in a fun way. In this course, instead of typing the lines for the code, kids can use drag-and-drop code blocks representing programming logic, making it more accessible for those who are new to coding.

Scratch coding camp in Lahore provides children an opportunity to unlock their potential and learn the basic concept of scratch programming to make their instincts strong in the world of programming. Along with the programming skills, kids will be able to get a grip on the other useful skills that will help them in every other aspect.

This camp is designed to teach the programming language in a fun and interactive way.

Besides, it serves as a stepping stone before going toward an advanced level of programming. Kids can learn the basic principles of programming through this five-day activity camp.

Introduction to Scratch Programming and Mblock

Mblock and Scratch Programming are innovative programming platforms that make programming creative and accessible for those who want to go from beginner to advanced level.

Instead of trying the long lines of coding, scratch coding provides you the ease to create your input with the help of assembling colorful blocks that represent different code functionalities. This visual approach makes coding more intuitive and enjoyable, allowing users to focus on the logic and structure of their programs. Scratch Programming is a visual programming language that allows users to create interactive games, stories, and animations dynamically. One can create a project by assembling the code blocks, which snap together like puzzle pieces. These code blocks control various features such as movement, sound, appearance, and interaction.

Mblock is an extension of the scratch that acts like hardware and allows a user to program and operate robots and sensors. Both Mblock and Scratch foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a fun way. It will allow kids to grasp the programming concepts instead of learning the traditional long coding lines and syntax.

Coin Collecting Game

This five-day activity camp includes a coin-collecting game for children so that they can learn to count things efficiently with an amusing learning approach. Counting the coins will enhance their learning about recognizing the coins and they will get hold of basic mathematics skills. Coin collecting can be an educational and engaging activity for children in which they unfold a chance to new learnings. 

Maze Runner Game

In this activity, children will be able to learn about planning and executing a strategy to reach the end of the maze can teach children the importance of thinking ahead. They will learn that how to navigate through challenges and dead ends in a maze encourages persistence and resilience. Moreover, through this activity, children will learn an interactive and entertaining way to develop a range of cognitive and motor skills while having fun.

Pong Game 

Pong game is one of the earliest games that has been created by computer. This game will enhance the children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In this particular game, you can play with two human players or one with a computer. This game is just a “tennis-like” game, in which one player scores a point when the other misses a ball. This game was originally developed in 1972 by Allan Alcorn. Children will be able to improve their creativity and mind-gaming skills. 

Birthday Card Making

The last activity is making a birthday card. In this specific activity, children will be able to showcase their creativity in a lively instructional format. They will be able to understand the color combination and different design elements along with their layout and composition. Moreover, they will be able to choose a theme for the card based on the recipient's interests and personalize the card to make it special for the birthday person.

This whole activity encompasses a range of skills and values that contribute to holistic development. It provides an opportunity for self-expression, creativity, and the joy of giving.

Who should be a part of this journey towards new learning?

• Kids more than 5 years old

• Sense of Curiosity

• Open up to new learnings

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