Tech Creators Camp

Explore and unlock your unwavering potential in the realm of the tech world.

Grade Modules Activities Fee
5-16 5 5+ PKR 5,000
Duration : 0 Months 5 Days
Skill level: Appropriate for all
Tech Creators Camp

Course Description

Tech Creators Camp For Kids in Lahore

The Tech Creators camp is held in Lahore which is a five-day activity camp for kids who are above 7 years old and teens. Children will delve into the landscape of innovation and advancement along with learning entertainingly.

Participants can explore their tech interests and engage in a dynamic educational experience. If any individual has a thirst for exploring the tech world, they can join us in this digital journey where we provide you with the stepping stones through which kids can unfold concepts of technology seamlessly.

What is included in this camp?

Graphic Designing

Graphic design can allow children to use their instincts creatively and foster both skill and innovation side by side. They can use their imagination, think creatively, and visualize their ideas efficiently.

Through this, they can develop the talent of critical thinking which helps them to analyze complex problems, and consider their thoughts effectively. As graphic design is a form of visual communication, kids will convey their messages or innovative thoughts through their designs. With the help of this skill, children can learn the basic principles of graphic design.

Photo Editing

Engaging in photo editing will allow children to capture their imagination blended with technical skills.

Kids can learn the know-how of capturing the moments skillfully through this camp. Moreover, they can get hold of creativity to show their visual ideas effectively. Photo editing requires attention to detail, so children will know how to keep focused. Along with that, this will make them learn about sharing their stories through photos. They will be able to observe every detail proficiently. Also, they’ll learn to recognize the skill and creativity involved in capturing compelling images. Children can express their emotions, perspectives, and artistic vision through the manipulation of images.

Video Editing

Skill in video editing allows kids to create their stories and show them visually with creativity. They will learn to add filters, effects, transitions, and music to enhance their visual stories. Video editing also requires attention to detail. Kids can learn to keenly observe the complexities of solving problems. Besides, they will learn self-expression and aesthetic awareness. This skill will also provide a beginning to the multimedia and digital content creation world. Children learn to recognize the creative and technical aspects involved in producing engaging video content.


Canva is a versatile graphic design platform through which children can learn to showcase their creativity by creating a diverse array of designs. They will learn the principles of better visual communication. Through this skill, kids will explore the art of self-expression and accomplishment.

Using Canva, they can easily demonstrate the existing design and formats to get a better know-how of designing. Canva offers tools for designing logos, business cards, and other brand materials, introducing children to basic concepts of branding and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, they encounter design challenges within Canva, encouraging them to think critically and problem-solve creatively. Using Canva enhances children's digital literacy as they navigate the platform's user interface, tools, and features. Additionally, children can learn the basics of arranging elements on a canvas to create visually appealing designs. Canva allows experimentation with colors, helping children understand the principles of color combinations and harmony.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced field that is growing rapidly every day. If children learn the basic concepts at this young age, it will become a piece of cake for them to navigate the technological landscape efficiently. They will know the basic principle of algorithms, used to solve AI-related complex problems. Moreover, they will explore machine learning which include pattern, languages, methods, and much more.

Kids will understand how artificial intelligence is integrated into our daily lives through smartphones, laptops, and smart home devices to enhance user experience. As artificial intelligence is used in gaming, children will also be interested to know the whole process which helps them to develop a technical mindset.

While keeping it age-appropriate, children can be introduced to futuristic AI concepts, such as self-driving cars or advancements in healthcare. Children can use interactive AI programs designed for education, fostering learning through play.

Those kids who want to learn the know-how of the technological field along with various useful skills can be a part of this learning adventure camp.

• Kids above 7 years old

• Interested in the Tech field

• Open up to learning new techniques

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